School children in a field


The unique opportunity, if not responsibility, to provide rural education is particularly poignant in a society that is increasingly urbanised and distant from the land.

Elvetham draws on Calthorpe Estates' heritage and experience to understand and address these issues.


Children living in urban environments often have either limited or no knowledge of the working countryside. We believe this directly impacts their self esteem, well being and overall quality of life. This has been referred to elsewhere as 'The Nature Deficit'.

Studies indicate that time in nature can stimulate intelligence, creativity, and be a powerful therapy for stress. It acts as prevention for obesity, myopia and depression, carries huge implications for the ability to self-regulate, and helps to manage attention-deficit disorders.

Elvetham works with Hampshire Country Learning and local schools to provide open days at Elvetham, particularly on our farm. It is a practical opportunity for children to gain an appreciation of countryside issues and learn how a farm is managed for the benefit of the whole of the community. The children are encouraged to understand the differences between urban and rural communities, our natural resources and architectural heritage. Elvetham is particularly well placed to understand and catalyse this type of education, given that the family group is also responsible for one of the largest family owned urban estates in Birmingham.

In addition to practical experience, Elvetham also provides financial support to educational charities promoting understanding, knowledge and interest in the land, rural life and the countryside.