Environmental Policy

Our policy is characterised by positive engagement and forward thinking as opposed to minimising impact and merely meeting what is required of us today.

We engage all of our activities and relationships with our environmental standards and aspirations.

Our stewardship of the environment is formalised internally by our Environmental Policy. The character of the policy centres around positive, forward looking interaction as opposed to a stepping back or settling with today's repsonsibilities.

A summary of the detail is the following commitments.

Legislation and Best Practice

  • Where possible to think and act beyond today's compliancy requirements.
  • To have an environmentally sensitive mindset that is alert to opportunity and change.

Optimisation above Minimisation

  • Positively optimise our interaction and activities, not just look to minimise our impact. 
  • An example would be to see our waste not merely as an output from us but as an input for something else.

Stewardship for Enhancement

  • Responsibly steward to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders both the built and natural environment.
  • Steward with a generational mindset, one that evaluates the long term implication of decision making.

Multi Stakeholder Engagement

  • Cultivate an internal and external stakeholder culture that cares for the global not just local environment.
  • Ensure staff are engaged with the vision and empowered to put it into practice in a fashion that matters to them as individuals.