Tractor in field


  • Farming has been a core business here for over 350 years
  • Half our farmland is for crops, half for animals
  • Our beef is high quality and is bought for fine labels
  • Although not technically organic, we farm as organically as we can
  • We participate in environmental stewardship schemes
  • We use the farm for education and community engagement


Farming has been a core Elvetham business for the entire 350 year Calthorpe tenure and, no doubt, for a considerable time before that as well. Half our acreage produces wheat, barley and oilseed rape. The remainder is permanent pasture grazed by our suckler herd of Limousin cattle. We produce high quality beef, the majority of which is ultimately headed for high quality label foods.

We balance our commercial farming strategy with a conservation agenda. We were a registered organic farm until 2011 and today, although we are no longer technically organic, much of our farming remains organic in practice. We participate up to the Higher Level of Natural England's environmental schemes. Follow these links to learn more about either our Wildlife Stewardship or Environmental Policy .

For us, efficient use of resources and conservation is a style of management. As such, when undertaking contract work at local farms, we continue to help and encourage good farming practice amongst our clients.

If you have a farming enquiry please contact our
management team.