Ploughed field


We recognise and cherish our role as environmental stewards across the diversity of our operations.

Investment in residential, commercial and leisure properties, farming, minerals and forestry all carry specific environmental responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.


Positive, forward looking management of the natural and built environment is what we do. The opportunity to help generate positive change is why we continue to manage land and property. It is a core value of our family group. 

We care for the environment because we love it; because it is a practical expression of our belief that the environment is a gift to be nurtured; and because we are accountable to future generations to pass on a natural world that is healthier and more vibrant than the one we received.

But environmental stewardship goes beyond caring for nature for nature's own sake. The natural environment is a source of education, creativity, productivity, well-being and joy. Environmental stewardship is also, therefore, about improving the environment's relationship with people. Seeking only to "reduce" humanity's impact misses a large and exciting aspect of the role.

With this mindset as our guide, our Environmental Policy provides a framework for us and those we work with to apply our philosophy in practice alongside our Wildlife Stewardship and Community aspirations.