Elvetham Estate mineral reserves


  • Our mineral operations began in the 1980s
  • Our mineral reserves are comprised of sand and gravel
  • The reserves are leased to two of the most experienced operators
  • Long term restoration agreements are in place
  • Our restoration programmes are held up as exemplary
  • We take a partnership approach to management and restoration


Sand and gravel, deposited by retreating glaciers at the end of the last ice age, occur within parts of the London and Hampshire basin areas. Significant reserves of the Bramshill Plateau Gravels are present within Elvetham. Since the 1980s these reserves have been extracted from two active quarries, leased since 2000 by two of the largest mineral operators – Lafarge and CEMEX .

The extracted deposits are ideal for making concrete and as aggregates for a range of local construction projects. Our deposits have made a significant contribution to the South East construction sector and economy; approximately 200,000t of Hampshire's annual output of circa 1.5 million tonne.

A strong relationship between Elvetham and its mineral operators, managed by SLR Consulting, has ensured a ‘partnership’ approach to extraction and restoration within one of the most sensitive habitats in the UK and Europe – the Thames Basin Heaths SPA. It has ensured long term agreements for the restoration of both quarries to a high standard of heathland and forestry, achieved through active liaison with key stakeholders such as the Forestry Commission and Natural England. 

Our Bramshill Forest has been adopted by the Forestry Commission as an example of high quality restoration of sand and gravel workings.

Elvetham prides itself on its ability to proactively manage such sensitive operations through the mineral extraction lifecycle, whilst ensuring that a legacy of high quality habitats is created to support the protected flora and fauna of Hampshire.