Historical Elvetham farm workers


"Elvetham has a rich history of investing in the local community. The Calthorpe family of today are committed to perpetuating the spirit of partnership and philanthropy that came before them. They are passionate about this being a great place to live and work."

John Featherby - Shoremount


We factor social and community factors into our policies, procedures and decision making processes. They are core to how we run our business. Below are a couple of community focused activities we dedicate our time to.

Heritage and Generational Sustainability

The Calthorpe family looks to its past and future for inspiration. Each generation wishes to pass on a business more vibrant than the one inherited. The family has a long history of engaging with the local community through employment, partnership and mutual benefit. Although there are now less people directly employed by the Estate, the sentiment and commitment remains the same. The Estate and the local area flourish together.

In terms of caring for past colleagues, Elvetham continues to serve and care for those that served us through our Elvetham Charities Fund, our almshouses and the pensioner cottages we keep on the Estate.

Community Relations

We highly value our local and regional stakeholder relationships. We recently restructured our business to improve this, engaging the services of FowlerFortescue (who have a wealth of experience in engaging a broad range of community minded stakeholders) and Shoremount (who specialise in the creation of strategies built upon by cultures of consideration and wider value creation).

As a result of our updated strategy we intend to build new relationships, better nurture old ones and find mutually beneficial opportunities to sustain the energy and prosperity of our local community.

If you have any ideas as to how you might like to engage with Elvetham, please contact us.